Zobrazují se příspěvky z srpen, 2016

Asian Squad

One of the things I always had problems with was getting along with fellow Vietnamese. At some point I actually hated them. It's hard to name the main reason, so I'll try to talk around it instead. We start with the context. Many Vietnamese (at least the ones I know) came to the Czech Republic from Russia after the split of Czechoslovakia, because it was relatively easy to slip though the borders. They mostly had a similar background - not particularly educated, but with a ruthless (they are fucking brutal  and will stop at nothing to succeed) business sense and a desire for financial security. The main income was selling fake  brand clothes at the market, smuggling other Vietnamese and tax evasion. My parents sold vegetables and fruit, which was at the time kinda good (after 10 years, we had our own flat, even though we came with 1000$), but could not compare to clothes. As a comparison, there was a family who lives next to us that arrived at the same time with the same amoun…

Erasmus fin

I'm sitting on the bus to Prague right now, it will take about 14 hours. The last week has been incredibly hectic, because I moved out of my dorm room to save money and stayed at friends' places. I had to juggle 2 exams with cancelling my bank account/phone number and deregistering at the city council. It was incredibly stressful and I was frankly rather miserable doing all those things at the same time. But from friday to saturday I was completely free. I said goodbye to a couple people (Czechs, Americans,  Computational Linguists, even 2 erasmus friends showed up) and drank beer at the Saar.

It's hard to summarize my  Erasmus year.  It was  an unforgettable experience  which taught me  a great deal.  I probably  did not improve academically (some  courses were pure garbage and in fact I feel I lost my edge here),  but  I learned a lot about dealing with people and making the right friends to get free KFC at 1 am. I also got to know a lot about myself (things you don'…