Zobrazují se příspěvky z červenec, 2016


After playing Tutor for 2 months I became what I at first refused to do because it seemed like a lot of stress for a meager 20 euros more. And guess what. It was. I was quite comfortable with my job (because I was also really successful with both making the Heimbar profitable and doing the dorm events), but the Russian candidate looked really incompetent to me. As in, absolutely useless. I
spent a month convincing the previous president to keep his job, but he refused. I found rather ironic that he did it after voting to reduce the tutors and presidents wages. Thank you prick.

The actual election was boring. I had a talk with the Russian (He tried to convince me that he wanted to help the dorm) and we split the positions. I would play president and he would be the Tutor. Since there were no other candidates, I won be default. On the other hand, the fight for the 3 floor manager positions was rather wild. Not surprising, since we did end their heimbar requirement (and started to pay fo…