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Creating my own Point of Sale system, Part 1: Design

This took some time, I'm (mostly) back on track. When I chatted with my SI friends, the first thing I noticed was they asked a fuckton of questions. They grilled me about specifications, use cases, reliability or scalability. They also gave insane price quotes but I'll skip over that. The reason is simple: Specifications save time. I am definitely not used to that. I'm used to quickly hacking together a sqlite database for a chatbot in python and iterating bugfixes/feature additions as I go. So I thought, "Why not do it properly for once?"

Well, that was also a mistake.

The first thing one notices when starting a programming project is the sheer number of decisions. From the programming language to data types, databases and used design patterns, each choice has several impacts and you don't even know the right use case if you don't work with them for some time.

So let's start with the language. I am quite fluent with Python (as in, I can solve most gi…