After playing Tutor for 2 months I became what I at first refused to do because it seemed like a lot of stress for a meager 20 euros more. And guess what. It was. I was quite comfortable with my job (because I was also really successful with both making the Heimbar profitable and doing the dorm events), but the Russian candidate looked really incompetent to me. As in, absolutely useless. I
spent a month convincing the previous president to keep his job, but he refused. I found rather ironic that he did it after voting to reduce the tutors and presidents wages. Thank you prick.

The actual election was boring. I had a talk with the Russian (He tried to convince me that he wanted to help the dorm) and we split the positions. I would play president and he would be the Tutor. Since there were no other candidates, I won be default. On the other hand, the fight for the 3 floor manager positions was rather wild. Not surprising, since we did end their heimbar requirement (and started to pay for it instead) and gave them a wage. We had 7 different choices, some of them rather not desirable. The whole process was shitty, because people just voted for those they knew.

My initial theme was like the Tutor one, 1984 with a mean dictator and a fun-police, which I mentioned in the flurfest. The Russian Tutor wanted "Roman Empire" (because we kinda have the same name) and in the end I decided for Dormking as my title.

The first few weeks of my presidency were uneventful. I had to introduce myself to the Hausmeister and the studentenwerk and deal with the dorm bank account. I only had to chill in my room with the universal key to every single room (so much power~) I no longer stocked the heimbar and just show the Russian how to do it with some tips. We was kinda slow but I didn't have any expectations anyway. I once had to clean his clogged Staubsauger because he had no idea how it worked, which I found riddiculous.

Then shit hit the fan.

One day before my trip to Amsterdam, I named the Russian the temporary president and gave him the universal key. That exact day he ripped the projector from the fucking ceiling. I guess that would still be ok, but he refused to take responsibility for 2 weeks even though I asked him several times about the event. I baked the day before that and only 6 people have the key to the Heimbar.

When I came to the heimbar it was him trying to hold it up with his buddy. It's not that hard to figure out. I think when he refused to take responsibility was the moment I lost any respect. He planned to make a silly poster with me and him but I refused to because I was pissed.

I asked him to tell the haismeister to fix it but he also failed to do that, "becase he didn't have time". In all the heimbars he led, he would play shitty russian music and play kicker instead of standing behind the bar. To top it off, he would always bring his other russian friends over.
That's somehow okay, since he is a resident and I kinda did it too for horror nights, but he refused  to clean up afterwards. The single worst part was the moment his russian friends came and thought he was the president, because he told them that. Even though it was a petty reason, I was upset, because I had to fix his shit and he pretended he owned the place.

So right after I came back, there was nonstop repairs. I fixed the projector with the hausmeister, ordered a repair of our small fridge (something the previous president ignored), helped installing a new projecting screen, asked the homeless guy (the one who used to sleep in the heimbar because he was the presidents friend) to remove his motorcycle from our parking place, regularly threw people out of the  heimbar at midnight and had a presidium meeting to formalise rules of conduct.

This looks like me showing off, but the point of this was that the previous presidents didn't do this shit for a reason. It's a thankless job that fostered some sort of codependence between me and the dorm. I was happy to help the dorm and the dorm was happy to let me and stay useless. People got used to it and started expecting and demanding things that I thought should've been fixed years
ago. When you try to maximize a monotonous function (i.e. your usefulness) you just end up working until you burn yourself out.

So the actual lesson I learned wasn't how to organize shit (which I would say I am quite good at), but rather ignore problems I don't have to fix.

As my last act, I had to find an replacement. I wasn't particularly keen on the
Russian (since he actually made it personal) and I wanted to name the cat living in the parking place instead. There was no one who wanted to do that job. I wasn't surprised, as 85 euro for all that work and responsibility was fucking nothing. The netzwart even complained to me that it was my fault that
we have to find a replacement (ideally non-Russian)  president now, ignoring the fact that it was only the Russian back then too, which made these 2 months of thankless working completely sour. It was like I tried so hard for nothing. In the end, a wonderful girl showed up and took the work after some student politics, so now I am free. It was a wonderful experience with stressful environmnets and lazy people.


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